How to Start and Grow a Cooking Class Business

Everything You Should Know Before You Launch.

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Start a culinary school or workshop with our guide

Engagement with food is significantly rising and becoming the next big thing. This creates the perfect environment to start and invest in your own cooking class.

This eBook gives an overview of the steps you need to take before launching your business. And for those that have already started - we included some simple ways to boost your cooking class success by using popular online tools and social media.

Whether you host online cooking workshops or offer in-person teaching, our guide will help you achieve your business goals.

In this guide you will find:

  • Tips for budgeting, choosing a facility, and the equipment you'll need.
  • The pre-launch promotion channels that work best for cooking classes.
  • Health and safety considerations you should keep in mind when starting up.
  • 9 ways to continually market and grow your cooking class business after your launch. 

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